One of the most under-appreciated aspects of fitness is the need for optimal recuperation. Numerous lifestyle factors are involved in this important function, which is the foundation of health and dealing with stressors of all kinds.

Biofoam Rolling

Having an exercise routine is important, moving, getting the blood flowing, challenging the muscles, and stimulating the brain. It is also important to have a relaxation practice, including somatic quieting and breathing techniques...



Breathing Techniques Summary

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Instant Calming Sequence

Also the Contract / Relax method...

Qigong & Resorative Yoga

Five Elements Tai Chi, outline


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  • 10. Nature, Solitude, Spirit

    Connection to Nature, "Earthing"


    Cosmic Consciousness

    Transpersonal Psychology

    Contemplative Arts

  • 9. Social Interconnectivity

    Reaching out to family and friends

    Birthday and holiday cards, etc.

    Attend community events and gatherings

    Volunteer and Mentor

    Pets and Plants

    Global / Transpersonal Psychology

  • 8. Financial Planning

    Saving at least 10% of earnings


    Last Will and Testament


    Abundance Consciousness

  • 7. Mental Strategies, Positivity, and Learning

    Organization, Time-Management, Punctuality

    Attitude of Positivity (smiling, laughing, self-talk)

    Study Habits and Memory Techniques

    Life-Long Learning

    Worthy Goals


    Hypnosis / Self-Hypnosis

  • 6. Sleep and Recuperation

    Plentiful Sleep in a dark, quiet room

    Good quality mattress and bedding

    Daily Rhythms and Light Management

    Stress Management Strategies

    Yoga Nidra

  • 5. Exercise Arts

    Strength Training

    Cardiovascular Conditioning


    Balance and Agility (sports skills)



  • 4. Hygiene and Checkups

    Personal Hygiene

    Shower / Bath (odor control)

    Nails, and frequent hand washing

    Brushing (coconut oil) , Flossing (water pick)

    STD prevention


    Medical Checkups w Bloodwork

  • 3. Dietary Arts

    Practicing eating styles for health benefits,

    Strategic buying and mindful eating

    Real Food, Avoid Confinement raised meat

    Practice Carb Control

    Keto-Vegan or Pescitarian

    Variable Fasting

    Sports Nutrition (intelligent supplementation)

  • 2. Water of Life

    Clean water should be the primary beverage

    Avoid sugary drinks

    Test and Purity (reverse osmosis, distillation)

    Avoid Fluoridation and Chlorination

    Avoid plastic water bottles

    Keep track of quantity (at least 64 ounces per day)

  • 1. Immediate Environment

    Free of toxins, molds, allergens, pollutants (including chemical and electromagnetic), psychological stressors, etc.

    Ergonomics, avoid prolonged sitting.

    Practice tick awareness and bite prevention.

    Consider feng shui.



Lean to Fat Ratio

Waist Measurement

Resting Heart Rate

Resting Blood Pressure

A.M. Basal Body Temp

Breaths Per Minute

Pushup Max Reps

Handgrip Strength








C Reactive Protein

Fasting Glucose

Free Testoterone