Activate your musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory potential for all the benefits that fitness training has to offer.

Program Design for a complete routine that maximizes lean mass and metabolic enhancement... muscle balance for postural integrity...  strategic work/rest ratio assessment for optimal recovery... challenging, fun, and empowering.


Do you ever wonder if you are putting it all together?


Do you ever wonder if your efforts

might be missing something?


Does your workout need revamping

or fine-tuning?


Track your progress with

interactive PDFs.



Comprehensive Cross-Training

The Five Elements of a Complete Exercise Routine

Strength Training

Aerobic Exercise


Balance and Agility

Breathwork / Meditation / Relaxation Training


Sets the stage for artistic and athletic performance


Climbing, etc.

Sports skills training, and performance


Whole Body Routine 1-2 x week

This workout is best if you can only workout with weights once or twice per week. And if twice per week there should be at least two days of rest between sessions for recovery...

Download 14 page PDF with guidelines and techniques.

2 Day Split Routine 2-3 x week

When you can workout more than twice per week, or if your workouts have to be on days that are back to back, you can divide your body into separate muscle group sessions.

3 Day Split Routine 3-4 x week

With three separate workouts, each day gets eight exercises, allowing a few extra sets as desired to really hit the muscle group without getting into risk of over-training.

4 Day Split Routine 4-6 x week

Cardio Training

The F.I.T.T. Principle (frequency, intensity, time, and type)

recommends doing aerobic exercise


4 - 6 times per week,


at a HR (heart rate) of 65 - 85% of your maximum [220 minus your age],


for 30 - 60 minutes,


using anything from cardio machines, to movements like brisk walking, running, biking, swimming, dance, and calisthenic sports activities.


Categories of Steady State and Interval Training can be alternated or combined...

Flexibility / Mobility

Video Gallery

Phone consultations and Internet-based training available.

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