“Your washboard abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.”

Most of the content I have shared on my Wizard of Fitness Facebook page is on the topic of nutrition. I have been following the ups and downs of dietary advice my whole life. Nowadays it seems like what is being recommended is the opposite of what makes sense in the light of these lectures–and in what we see around us with the obesity epidemic.

In this video gallery I want to feature one of my favorites, Paul Mason.


On the subject of Dietary Arts there is much to be said. Some of it is simple, like eat real, whole foods and avoid overly processed, glyphosate containing, nutritionally devoid items… Some of it is complex, like issues with digestive physiology, individual genetics, and managing your microbiome, for example.

For me, I choose to consume a largely paleo-styled diet. I avoid grains and potatoes (especially white). I practice “carb control” and establish nutritional ketosis most of the time, which I began doing at age 50. I got into Time Restricted Eating at 55 and I have stayed quite within a 7 to 8 hour eating window most days ever since. Now that I am 60, I feel as though my diet and longevity lifestyle are really paying off.

Of course, I could go as well as the next person, preferably in my sleep. Though the transition to the afterlife from the waking state of consciousness is considered more ripe with spiritual awareness. In the meantime, I enjoy looking and feeling much like I have my entire adult life. In arguably great shape for a short dude. 

The journey in this bodily temple has been a blessing I cherish by giving my cells the best nutrition possible. Bon Appetite!


Here’s another piece of writing I started but didn’t quite finish. The title speaks volumes. Control your carbohydrates or they will control you!