Workouts / Strength

Strength training is been seen more and more as the most beneficial aspect of an exercise routine. Prioritizing it and doing it as efficiently as possible is therefore very important. 

Blank Sheets

These sheets can be used to create your own workouts, perhaps taking from the more fully developed examples that follow, or for reproducing those routines when you need more columns. Tracking your progress is highly recommended.

Whole Body Workout

The more muscle groups you are trying to work in one session, the fewer exercises you can do within an optimal timeframe. On the hypertrophy spectrum, this is the least effective but still far better than nothing.

2 Day Split (upper/lower*)

Two versions of this are most common. *Rather than do the entire upper body, I prefer to group Legs and Back together, because of their synergy and overall number of exercises balancing better as well.

3 Day Split (legs/push/pull)

This is very popular and ideal when the workout frequency is 3-5 times per week, depending on your optimal work/rest ratio.

4 Day Split (B-C-L-S)

This is my favorite way of rotating through my muscle groups…

Training Styles

Intensity Techniques

To grow serious quality muscle you have to force the body to commit the resources. So when you can’t do any more reps, sometimes that’s when the good part of the set begins.

4 Phase Training

This might also be called the four H’s of holistic strength training. Heavy, High, Holds, and How slow can you go…

more to come